Attention Seniors (or people of any age)

Are you concerned about


in preparation for your move to a smaller space?

LET d.o. organize HELP YOU GET THERE!

It’s just not always easy to downsize and move without some sort of experienced assistance.

The professionals at d.o. organize can help.

d.o. organize can assist with all aspects of downsizing, staging your home

for sale, and settling into your new home or condominium…

which translates to a simplified lifestyle for YOU!

DOWNSIZING:  Moving and/or adjusting your lifestyle in other ways – is a smart move for your future.


Reasons to Downsize: 
  • Increase Your Cash Flow. If you’re spending less on your mortgage, you are likely to have money left over every month to allocate for other needs or desires. Or perhaps you could pay cash for a smaller home from the proceeds of your existing home.
  • Lower Your Utility Bills. It simply costs less to heat / cool a smaller home than larger one. Reducing energy consumption is better for the environment…and your bank account.
  • More Time for You. Fewer rooms and smaller spaces cut down on the time expended to clean and maintain interior and exterior spaces. Smaller homes can reduce the time spent on household tasks and yard work, leaving more hours in the day to do something else more enjoyable.
  • Minimize Stress. Less responsibility, smaller workload, increased cash flow and greater flexibility — added together, they all reduce stress. Home owners who have successfully downsized sometimes appear happier when they’re no longer overwhelmed by the demands of a larger home.
  • Simplification. Adjust your lifestyle to include changing interests and priorities and free yourself up for greater enjoyment and creativity.

Whatever your reason for downsizing, d.o. organize can help you get there.

Downsizing Concerns:

  • Fewer Belongings. Moving to a smaller home will probably result in selling, giving away or discarding furniture, books, and kitchen supplies and emptying out the garage, basement, and attic. Some people form emotional attachments to objects and can’t part with any of it. d.o. organize can help you with these concerns.
  • No Room For Guests. d.o. organize will help you arrange your new home to create space to accommodate guests.
  • Space Restrictions. De-cluttering and downsizing will actually provide a more spacious look and feel; even in a smaller space.
  • Lifestyle Changes. Downsizing means changing a lifestyle. Some people are resistant to change but the benefit of more time and money to enjoy your life is an excellent motivator.

LET d.o. organize HELP YOU GET THERE! 

d.o. organize  will help you:
  • Plan Your Move:
    • Develop floor plans to determine layout of your existing or new furniture in your new home
    • Develop a schedule for downsizing your current space, staging your home for sale, and moving into your new home
  • Prepare Your Existing Home for Sale:
    • De-clutter and reorganize
    • Decide what to do with excess possessions
    • Stage to make sure your home shows at its best
    • Coordinate and assist with tag sales and tax-deductible donations
  • Move In:
    • Work with movers to schedule packing, moving, and unpacking
    • Unpack and settle in your new home
    • Maximize space while maintaining an uncluttered look and feel
    • Make room for what really suits you
    • Identify your true needs, commit to less and live a more relaxing, less stressful, simplified lifestyle!

d.o. organize can assist with all aspects of downsizing and staging your home for sale.

 d.o. organize provides guidance as you navigate the emotional and physical aspects of relocation.

Call today  just d.o. it – downsize!

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