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Growing up, I had the standard play kitchen set. And like most little girls, when it came time to clean up, toy plates, miniature pots and plastic food was everywhere. One day my mom (who just so happens to be the DO in d.o. organize) said, ‘the food goes in the refrigerator, the plates go in the cupboard, and the pots go in the oven.’ And from that day forward, the food went in the refrigerator, the plates were stacked in the cupboard, and the pots, with matching lids, were in the oven…Little Miss Organized was born.

I could tell countless stories like this one, where I took something unorganized, and made it work! I often receive accolades for my time and project management skills. What’s my secret? Having an organizational system in place that makes sense.

Last year, the most amazing thing in the world happened to me – I became a mom. And she changed everything. No longer was I organizing and managing a family of three (my husband, our chocolate lab and me), but all of the sudden, ± 9 months, baby made four. Talk about organization – working a full-time job, managing million-dollar budgets, while managing a household…on a much smaller budget! I developed time- and money- saving strategies to save my pocketbook and my sanity. And now I’d like to share those strategies to help you.

  • Nursery Set-up

Congratulations – baby is on the way! You’ve picked out the crib, a dresser, changing table, rocker. Now you just have to find somewhere to put it. What do you do with all of the things in the “nursery.” Let Little Miss Organized help you purge yourroom of its old identity and prepare it for your new family member. Then optimize the new space to ease those middle of the night diaper changes.

  • Budget Re-design

Daycare, diapers, baby food, formula sure does add up. Little Miss Organized can help you tighten your purse strings and create a budget that works.

  • Babyproofing

Baby is on the move! Let Little Miss Organized help you keep your bundle safe and sound as she explores her new world.

  • Meal Planning

With all of the demands on your time, at the end of the day it’s understandable that you are too tired to make yourself and your family the healthy,nutritious meal they need. Little Miss Organized can show you the benefits of meal planning and consolidated cooking to bring healthy food to the table in a snap.

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