I’m glad we worked together to stage the house for sale.  I really liked the way everything looked and I especially liked the look of the bedroom.  Taking away that desk – using the comforter added some color – taking away the lamp & table from the bedside (good move on that one) all makes it so much more appealing to buyers.

I had a good day, lots of activity…so we’ll see.

The client said that she was very happy with you and plan to use you when they are ready to sell her fiancé’s place.

Look forward to working with you again.

T.G., Realtor


It was a very “organized” weekend with regards to getting the girls dressed and ready for our days!  I had a long talk with my girls about how mommy will remain “happy” if we all work together to keep things organized!  I told my husband the cost for this new “venture” and he was just happy I recognized my organization faults and started doing something about it!  (I also told him that he could treat himself to something with the money I make at the yard sale.  That worked out very well!!).  I worked more on the other bedroom and I can actually see the floor!  There are still a couple of smaller piles that I hope to put away this week.  I look forward to you coming again.  You’re great motivation!

J.W., Pennsylvania



I cannot believe how much easier it is to cook…I finally have space and there is no bread in the microwave!

I find it easy to empty the dishwasher also. I guess I used to get so frustrated because I didn’t know where to put things so I procrastinated. No more frustration because everything has its place! There are still things on the counter near the breakfast bar but I am working on that.

I already organized the cabinet in the living room. Moving the wine glasses and I fit all the liquor and then some in the bottom. I think I am learning a lot from you. Thanks so much! I am a lot happier!

N.S., Oakridge



So far so good.  The playroom is working out great.  The boys love it and they use it and actually put things away!  I have to help them out sometimes but I think it is awesome. 

The linen closet is very helpful.  I had to find sheets twice this week and I didn’t panic like I used to…they were right there!

S.H., Sparta



Even I don’t believe the before and after pictures … and I was there to witness it!  We made so, so much progress unpacking my entire apartment this weekend.  I’m so glad I’m settled.  My clothes are happier on the new wooden hangers, what a great improvement.  I’m glad you shopped with me for the space saving accessories for my small kitchen.  It’s still small but it’s workable.  On Sunday, I emailed the after picture you took to my friend and she couldn’t believe that I had just moved in on Friday night. She says the living room looks like Pottery Barn!  It does look like Pottery Barn but it didn’t cost like Pottery Barn.  Your idea to paint the wood veneer armoire and attach the crown molding makes it the focal point of the room rather than a cheap hand-me-down cabinet. I’m glad your handyman came to help with the armoire and hang shelves and artwork.  Thanks, I’m so happy in my new home.
J.L., Manayunk



I so want to thank you for all the hard work you did helping me get that kitchen organized!  So far, everything has been put back where it now belongs. After seeing how nice the kitchen is I’m half tempted in just putting everything we own up for sale just to empty out. Of course I can’t but it is tempting. Thank you again

V.M., Branchville

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