Trash Removal

d.o. organize is able to provide full service programs for trash removal and recycling.


Most homeowners will not generate enough trash to warrant the cost of a dumpster.  Instead, d.o. organize can provide a 16′ cube van, cargo van, or pick up truck to haul away your trash.

  • Priced based on trucking charges
  • Cost of dumping: Charged based on weight


  • Dumpsters for large clean out projects also available.


Office Paper Recycling

  • Much of what homeowners and businesses choose to discard when cleaning out is in the form of paper.  For environmental, as well as security reasons, this paper can be recycled.
  • The customer has the choice of shredding the material and then recycling, or simply recycling.
  • Fees for recycling are based on time and trucking.
  • Fees for shredding based on quantity.

Other Recycling

  • Services for recycling of cardboard, glass, cans, and plastics can also be provided.
  • Fees for recycling are based on time and trucking.

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