• Recommendation for Organizing Photos, Videos and Slides: Quite a few of my clients have generations of precious family memories sitting in boxes.  Do you have boxes of photographs, slides, or home movies in various forms stored in your home or attic?  ScanDigital can scan and digitize them so you can preserve, share, and enjoy them forever!  Preserve, protest, relive, and share your photographic history and home movie history.  Use coupon code: 2633051
  • Recommendation for Organizing Products: For organizing products, check out Online Organizing.  This is a great source for organizing tips too.  New products are constantly being added to their catalog.  Sales and discounts are also available.  Get a Free monthly “Get Organized” newsletter filled with tips on getting your life in order.  Sign up today at
  • Travel Expense Receipt Manager: Check out this ExpensePAL Receipt Organizer, log receipts fast…and easy!  If you have to track travel expenses for your job or business then this organizer system for easy travel expense receipt management is for you.  It’s a simple wasy to collect and store any business expense receipts that can reduce the amount of tiem spent organizing and prepareing corporate expense reports.  Don’t lose out on entitled reimbursements.

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