Attention: Realtors

If each home you list could be sold looking the way a model home does, do you think it might bring in more money or sell in less time? Chances are it would. That’s why home staging is a great idea!

Staging is not decorating. Decorating is optional, staging is mandatory in order to sell the house for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Have great confidence in showing your listings to potential buyers because you know the home is staged and ready to be sold.

It’s just not always easy to get a home into selling condition in a timely manner without some sort of experienced assistance. Let the professionals at d.o. organize help. With the aid of a professional organizer, your listings can make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers, translating into sales for YOU.


To declutter and stage a home in order to maximize its appeal to prospective buyers, potentially reducing the amount of time the home is on the market and increasing the selling price, while helping the client prepare for their upcoming move.


  • d.o. organize will work with the seller to decide what to keep, donate, sell, or trash in order to declutter the home.

Remember: Any time or money invested in decluttering and depersonalizing a home will bring back more money in return, and hopefully a faster sale.

Declutter & Depersonalize

  • Your clients are going to be moving shortly anyway so it’s in their best interests to go ahead and start getting rid of the things they’ll never need again and boxing up the things they can live without for a couple of months.
  • Sellers will agree: “Why drag clutter to their new home!” which is costly in the form of time, energy, and money.
  • They should clean out about 50% of the things in their closets, most of the knickknacks displayed around the home, and enough furniture to make the rooms look open and inviting.
  • Countertops should be clean and uncluttered. Even the cabinets and drawers should contain only a few items, because, as you know, serious buyers will be opening doors and drawers; and they will want to see a lot of space.
  • Clients should know how important it is for them to remove most of their family photographs and personal collections. Buyers are trying to envision themselves living in every home they tour and it’s very hard for them to do that when faced with the seller’s personal items. Every room of the house should have a general appeal for the majority of buyers.

LET d.o. organize DO YOUR DIRTY WORK!

Some Realtors are actually not only promoting the services of d.o. organize, they are paying for them too!Ask about the d.o. organizespecial ‘Realtor Rate’.Sure, it’s money out of your commission but it’s money well spent.Because, who knows better than a Realtor the benefit of an uncluttered home.And by hiring d.o. organizedirectly, you are in control; you identify the goals and direct which tasks take priority.Your recommendations will be acted upon without risking your business relationship with your client.

You are staging the home but your hands remain CLEAN!

Come to think of it, the home is CLEAN too!


Because knowing what needs to be done
and actually doing it are two different things…

Case Study

You suggest a seller declutter their space (and they may even agree with you), but then you return to the home and find no noticeable change.Dilemma:
Do you push the issue and risk offending, and possibly losing, the client? OR
Do you ignore the issue, even though the clutter will likely have a negative affect on the salability of the home?

Hire d.o. organize to Stage the home.
d.o. organize will work with your client to declutter the home so it is staged and ready to be sold. And you, the realtor, can keep your hands clean – literally and figuratively!


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